Tumor Suppressor Gene p53 (mt) Expression in Mancozeb treated Mouse Liver

  • Indu Chaturvedi Central Institute for Research on Goats, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Sita Ram Tripathi Janta College Bakewar affiliated to C.S.J.M.U. Kanpur


Many carcinogens were reported to induce mutation, a number of focal proliferative lesions and degenerative changes as well as carcinoma of multiple animal species. Mancozeb is a known fungicide. Many studies suggest it acts like a carcinogen. In our study, we want to know realty and harmful concentration of mancozeb. We gave different concentration treatments to swiss albino mice. Our finding says 100 mg per Kg body is harmful or may act like carcinogenic.


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Chaturvedi, I. and Tripathi, S.R. 2017. Tumor Suppressor Gene p53 (mt) Expression in Mancozeb treated Mouse Liver. Journal of Biological Sciences and Medicine. 3, 1 (Mar. 2017), 5-9.
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