Effect of probiotics supplementation on live weight in lactating Barbari goats


  • Manoj Kumar CIRG Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura , Uttar Pradesh, India - 281122
  • TK Dutta NDRI - ERS, A - 12 Block, Kalyani, Dist. - Nadia (W. Bengal) India - 741235
  • Indu Chaturvedi CIRG Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura , Uttar Pradesh, India - 281122


In the present study, probiotic supplementation on lactation performance in Barbari goats was carried out. Twenty lactating Barbari goats were randomly divided into two equal groups. Goats in T1 group served as control (no probiotics) and goats in T2 group were offered probiotic culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with a dose of 1.5×109 colony forming unit (cfu/goat/day) along with wheat bran at the time of morning feeding. The experiment in both groups almost similar types feeding schedule and probiotic treatment in order to observe the effect of probiotic (S. cerevisiae) on body weight change in lactation performance in Barbari goats.  The observations recorded on change in body weight and voluntary nutrient intake was recorded in 145 days at fortnightly intervals. Permissive ration, combination of concentrate mixture and gram straw at the ratio of 50:50. DM intake through concentrate and roughage sources, total DMI, DMI/100kg BW and DMI/kg W0.75 were statistically similar between two groups. The CP percentage in the total diet was also similar between two groups.  Percent weight loss at 45 days, at 90 days and at 135 days of lactation was also statistically similar between two groups, however, weight loss was found minimum in yeast supplemented group T2. Therefore, it may be concluded that intake of Dry matter and Crude Protein remained unchanged due to addition of S. cerevisiae in the diet of lactating Barbari goats. Body weight changes were also similar between treatment and control groups. Such treatment resulted by no improvement in weight gain of breed able female goats over the control group.


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