Biological monitoring of exposure to copper and cadmium in goldsmith of Meerut city in India

  • Kuldeep Kumar Department of Zoology, CCS University, Meerut India
  • Yeshvandra Verma Assistant Professor (Toxicology), Department of Zoology, CCS University, Meerut India
  • SVS Rana Ex-Professor, Department of Zoology, CCS University, Meerut India


Gold adornment making manufacturing is one of the widespread small-scale industries of India and the workers as goldsmiths have a chance to be exposed to various toxic metals. Jewelry workers, thus handle the potentially dangerous polluting agents such as acids and metal dust. The present study was carried out to determine the exposure of copper and cadmium in gold jewelry makers. Before performing the biological monitoring experiments and estimating copper and cadmium, selection of suitable samples was made by determining specific gravity of the urine samples. To overcome the hazardous effects of polluting agents disposed from jewelry industry and occupational peril to workers, there is an immediate need of their health risk assessment. The objective of the present study was to record the exposure of jewelers to copper and cadmium through biological monitoring. The present results indicate that the local population of jewelers and goldsmiths are exposed to copper and cadmium owing to the occupational needs.


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