Health and safety assurance through environment laws in Indian legislative structure


  • Rajdeep Singh Environmental Management Division, Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education Dehradun, 248006, U.K. India
  • Kapil Kumar Faculty of Law, Meerut College Meerut, (C. C. S. University, Meerut), 250001, U. P. India


Health and safety problems due to degraded environment and pollution have emerged as burning issues that threat the human existence. Law and rules against the environmental issues play very important role in the protection of the all-natural establishment and thus ultimately protect the public health. The emergence of public interest litigation in India has provided an important tool for the enforcement of the fundamental right to environmental protection. This liberalization of the traditional rules ensures the access to justice to everyone by writ jurisdiction system and has empowered the citizens to seek enforcement of environmental rights. Most importantly Supreme Court has enhanced the dimensions of the environmental laws by interpreting provisions of the constitution. A remarkable judicial activism and innovations has been noticed in the Indian judiciary where the Supreme Court, has established the right to a clean environment as an integral part of the right to life by making environmental concerns bind to the state. This paper review and discusses that how Environmental Laws in India stand as a device that guarantee the good health and safety to the general public on the other hand the wisdom jurisdiction of the Courts, and a continuous adaptation in these laws keeps pace with the international principles of environmental concerns.


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