New Look With Advanced Workflow:JBSM


August 2021 marks a significant milestone in the Journal of Biological Sciences and Medicine's history. In celebration of our sixth anniversary, we are proud to announce a new look for our journal website. We have redesigned our journal website for the betterment of the peer-review process. We know the value of research and our design goal was to better match how we look to our values and the users we serve. A small team inside the journal worked to find something that appeared crisp, approachable, smart, friendly and connected.

The Journal of Biological Sciences and Medicine (JBSM) is an international open-access journal published quarterly in English with the finest peer-reviewed research of international significance. Journal of Biological Sciences and Medicine is a fast-growing journal and highly dedicated to having it indexed/tracked/covered by a number of relevant databases.

We hope you like this new look and feel for JBSM! Look out for more updates like an updated look in our manuscript submission and evaluation system as we continue to try to better serve our users in higher education with clean, modern, user-friendly technology.

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