Cytomorphological study of papillary thyroid carcinoma: A case study

Deepa Rani, Arsh Gupta, Shweta Agarwal, Rajni Bharti


Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma (PTC) is the most common neoplasm of the thyroid gland associated with irradiation of head and neck. Fine needle aspiration (FNA) for cytological evaluation is often the initial diagnostic tool used for its early detection. In the present study, the   importance of various nuclear features and background findings in diagnosing PTC on fine needle aspiration cytology was analyzed. The aim of the present study was to study the cytomorphological patterns in cases of papillary cancer of thyroid on fine needle aspiration material and to assess the adequacy of fine needle aspiration in papillary thyroid cancer in order to overcome the difficulties encountered during cytodiagnosis.

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