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Dr. Anurag Dabas, India

Executive Editor

Dr. Pavan Kumar, India

Associate Editor

Dr. Rashmi Srivastava, India

Dr. Sachin Kumar, India

Dr. Rajdeep, India

Dr. Naireen Fariya, India

Editorial & Advisory Members

Dr. Akshay Kumar, India

Dr. Ritu Malik, India

Dr. Manu Kumari, India

Dr. Chandra Prabha, India

Dr. Atul Bhalla, India

Dr. Saumya Srivastava, India

Dr. Nidhi Mishra, India

Dr. Rupali Sani Kumar, Cincinnati, USA

Dr. Anshu Mishra, India

Dr. Mohit Tiwari, India

Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Boston, USA

Dr. Uma Maheshwar Singh, India

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Dubey, India

Dr. Ram Chandra Maurya, India

Dr. B. K. Gupta, India

Dr. Anbumani, India

Dr. Durgesh Kumar Dwivedi, India

Dr. C.D. Nwani, Nigeria

Dr. Samar Pal Singh, India

Dr. Abdul Qadir Syed, Illinois, USA

Dr. Pratibha Singh, India